Peaceable Hill Safety, Hunting and Dog Handling Policies
Peaceable Hill Preserve LLC: Vermont Pheasant Hunting
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Glenn & Judy Symon
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Shoreham, VT 05770-9555
Phone: 802-897-5914

Peaceable Hill has a simple set of policies which make our hunts safe and improve the overall enjoyment of your time spent with us. Prior to your hunt we will review our field hunting policies with you including property boundaries, safe gun handling, field shooting positions, and what to expect from your guide and dog if you are on a handled hunt. We also have a required release form for you to read and sign. We ask that you observe the following:

* Two shells maximum. Auto and pump shotguns are limited to two shells regardless of capacity. You do not need to plug your gun.
* Shell size: We allow 2-3/4" as the maximum shell size.
* Shot: Shot size of #6 is the maximum allowed on our farms. Lead shot is allowed, but we encourage the use of non-lead shot.
* Safety Glasses: All hunters are required to wear safety glasses.
* Blaze Orange: A blaze orange garment is required. For maximum safety we recommend that you wear a vest and hat.

* Hunt Times: Our hunts are booked in 1/2 day segments. Morning hunts begin at 8:30 AM and require the fields to be cleared by 12 noon. Afternoon hunts start at 1 PM and end at 4:30 PM. You should plan to arrive at the farm 1/2 hour prior to the scheduled start of your hunt. (8 AM or 12:30 PM) Please do not arrive early. Thank you.
* Bird Tally: Hunters must return to the warming hut with all harvested birds. We will then give you the proper documentation for legal transporation of your harvest. No exceptions please.
* Bag Limits: Non-members are limited to the numbers of birds in your purchased package. If you chose to harvest additional birds, they will cost $25 per bird.
* Field Restrictions: Prior to your hunt, a Peaceable Hill representative will review your hunting area with you with visual and/or map reference. Hunters are required to stay within the boundaries established for your hunt.

* Your dog is your best friend and ours too. We encourage you to hunt with your own dog and we want him or her to enjoy Peaceable Hill as much as you do.
* To help ensure the enjoyment of all visitors to our farm, we require that when not actively hunting, all dogs be on a leash at all times, be kenneled or crated.
* We have a crate available in our warming hut so your best friend will be warm, dry and comfortable.


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