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Peaceable Hill Pheasant Hunting Preserve is a “Regulated Shooting Ground” located in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont. The Valley is typical New England habitat rich with active dairies, apple orchards, diversified farms and conservation managed buffers. At Peaceable Hill we have hundreds of acres of outstanding pheasant and upland bird habitat that consists of open cropland with corn, milo and grain fields bordered by swale grass ditches and cool season grasses with thicket edges. We also are fortunate to have many acres of "traditional" Vermont game bird habitat. We manage our cover crops so that excellent pheasant hunting is available year-round. We also have available for sale through our hatchery pheasant eggs, chicks and mature birds.

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January 2014:

As some have heard on December 31st most of our farm complex consisting of our main barn, hatchery, breeder facility, our granary and stored equipment were destroyed by fire. It appears the fire began mid morning and by noon all was gone. Just gone.

As with most pain there comes a little pleasure, in this case a great deal of thankfulness, Judy and I find this in knowing that no one was hurt as a result of the fire. Conditions were difficult, 9 degrees, ice as a result of a pre-Christmas storm, more ice from the water being used and volunteers from four local Fire Departments all over the place. As a result of their extraordinary effort our home, shop and what we call the horse barn were saved and not a sprained ankle was suffered. We are most grateful.

For all who had heard of the fire and reached out to offer support and help we thank you. To Kim, Judy, the Lake Champlain Retriever Club and others for sending over a cord of firewood for the warming hut which had ironically been stored in our barn, thank you! All of your thoughts and kindness remind Judy and I that Peaceable Hill is more than a business it's a family of friends.

From the ashes comes a plan, (well the start of one) Peaceable Hill Preserve, we will continue, although we lost pheasants for use on the preserve we have purchased chukars to compliment the pheasants we still have. The combination of pheasants and chukars make for excellent dog work and challenging hunting. The ice is gone, cover good and our resolve strong. Your support will be greatly appreciated. We will be open through April.

Peaceable Hill Chick Farm, although our hatchery can not be replaced by the 2014 spring hatching season, it is our intention that we will re-build our hatchery at our Cutting Hill Farm location. This is where our brood and grow-out facilities currently are and it makes sense to locate them closer together. For those who have placed orders for the 2014 season nothing will change. We will be supplying you with your chicks as planned. Your business and support is essential to us in our decision to re-build and we will do what is necessary to keep this relationship strong. Internet sales orders will be suspended for this season, in part due to our inability to ensure chicks will be delivered healthy. We kindly ask you to consider Peaceable Hill in 2015.

If your thoughts are that you wish you could help, you can. While we may never know what caused our fire please be sure you never have one. In all buildings be sure your electric panel is not over loaded and that appliances are rated for existing wiring and extension cords. Unplug battery chargers and tank heaters when not being used. If used in cold temperatures or with a rheostat be sure bulbs are compatible with fixtures, in particular fluorescents made in China. Common sense plays a large part in being safe, if it doesn't look or feel right it probably should be re-thought.

Please be safe in 2014, Glenn & Judy

Peaceable Hill is comprised of two farms; The Home Farm and The Gunnery. Each farm is managed exclusively for prime bird habitat, and each has unique characteristics which will satisfy any situation. Bird contact is what Peaceable Hill is all about. Whether you are training a young pup or challenging an experienced brace, the combination of cover, bird contact and the surrounding beauty will satisfy all your senses. Loud cackling Ringnecks, strong and flashy, blasting off from under the nose of a tight Pointer, or a birdie Flusher bumping a skittish hen, is the experience you will not easily forget!

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Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding experience and we have the desire and ability to customize a hunt to your needs. We have spectacular fields and open cropland habitat which allows excellent visual reference for training a young pup, as well as secluded areas where distractions are minimal. We plant fields of grain sorghum (Milo), corn, perennial switch grass and reed canary grass. Crops and planting arrangements are planned in order to establish nesting cover, feed plots and challenging cover. Our natural and planted covers make for outstanding hunting the in the fall and hold up very well through the winter. We have fantastic hunting right into the month of May. Vermont bird hunting

You are welcome to hunt with your dogs, or we can arrange a professionally handled hunt with experienced guides working over trained pointers or flushing dogs.

Rooster flush
For those of you visiting Vermont who would like to hunt with us, single day hunting licenses are available for $5.00. To obtain a one day Vermont license, you must have a current hunting license from any state or you have had a previous hunting license. You also can get a license if you have completed a certified Hunter Safety course.

Whether you are a single hunter looking to train your new pup, or if you have a large group and need an all-day guided hunt, we can accommodate you. Please call anytime for further information, references or to book your hunt. Same day reservations are always welcome based on availability. We also have available for sale through our hatchery pheasant eggs, chicks and mature birds. Simply click on the links below for more information. Again, thanks for visiting our web site and please let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

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