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Neeko Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Neeko Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont

Update: August  2021

Friends of Peaceable Hill, In addition to some relief from the virus the Spring of 2021 has for Judy and I been a time of reflection and a time of planning. Reflecting on the past has been most enjoyable in particular the friends we have made, the dogs we have watched develop and the enjoyment we hope you have experienced here on the Preserve. We are thankful of you and of these relationships.

From a planning perspective we also needed to reflect back to see where we have been and how we hope to move forward. Peaceable Hill Preserve has remained static for awhile with little change and to some extent that is by design and will remain unchanged. In particular as an informal, relaxed and trusting operation offering you what you would like to make of it. Whether you are comfortable in Bean boots and jeans or tweed breeks you are welcome and appreciated here a Peaceable Hill.

However I am back, and with that you will see changes that are the foundation of this Preserve, our hunting fields. Field cover this year is by far the best ever. Switchgrass with new plantings, grain sorghum that will reach maturity providing an abundance of feed, mature corn stands and native grasses. All of these are growing strong and will provide great cover from September through April. This cover will hold residual birds all year long.

We have not just been busy mowing, tilling, planting, and fertilizing existing fields we have also opened a significant amount of woodland in the middle and north to expand and or provide new additional hunting fields. In most cases this is a multi year project with clearing and planting in year one and the establishment of cover improving in subsequent years. While this is the case in some areas it is not everywhere such as the hay fields to the northwest. Traditionally called the LaValley Piece, this section has now been included as hunting fields having been tilled and planted in switchgrass, native grasses, sorghum and corn. This area connects to the old road which has been opened to the north connecting to the newly established fields. This newly completed expansion is only part of the plan which includes additional clearing of overgrown areas and habitat improvement in others. Some of this work will continue this year providing us with additional fields in the Spring of 2022.

Peaceable Hill is committed to offering our existing guests and those new to the preserve the finest pheasant hunting in the northeast! Our hunt fields are the best!

We welcome your questions and your candor, if you and your dog need special consideration let us know we so can tailor your hunt to meet your desire.Thank you all so much for supporting us! Peaceablehill is now closed for the summer as we prepare the fields for next hunting season. We look forward to welcoming you to the farm in September.  

We had a full and active season afield with only a few changes and considerations in and around our facility to help mitigate any potential issues with COVID-19. A plan was developed following Vermont Health Department guidelines with the sole purpose of maintaining a safe environment for the staff and our guests; and we are happy to report we had an issue free hunting season.  

Please click the link below for the necessary pre-hunt forms which should be printed and signed ahead of arrival by each individual. Bring these two documents with you to help complete the hunt registration process:
**Vermont Regulated Shooting Ground and Risk Release Form**

Membership Packages: Memberships run from September through April. Memberships purchased after September 1st will be prorated through April. Bird packages can be purchased throughout the season and will be carried over through the following season only. Memberships and packages purchased during August are greatly appreciated.

***Please note that due to bank fees we charge 3.0% for credit card transactions. Cash or checks are gladly accepted***  

During the season, starting in September we hunt every day and are open into April. Morning hunts are from 8:30 to 11:30 AM while the afternoon hunts are 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Please plan to arrive at the farm 1/2 hour prior to your start time and we respectively ask that you do not arrive early as that may cause conflicts with earlier hunts or farm operations. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your hunt date. Thank you for your attention to this schedule.

We welcome you; your family and friends, to what we are convinced will be a grand 2021-2022 hunting season and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Glenn and Judy

***Peaceable Hill Pheasant Hunting Preserve is a “Regulated Shooting Ground” located in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont. The Valley is typical New England habitat rich with active dairies, apple orchards, diversified farms and conservation managed buffers. At Peaceable Hill we have hundreds of acres of outstanding pheasant and upland bird habitat that consists of open cropland with corn, milo and grain fields bordered by swale grass ditches and cool season grasses with thicket edges. We also are fortunate to have many acres of "traditional" Vermont game bird habitat. We manage our cover crops so that excellent pheasant hunting is available year-round.

***Upland Hunting Rates and Reservations Information***

pheasant hunts pheasant hunts
pheasant hunts
Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont
pheasant hunts

Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont

Peaceable Hill is managed exclusively for prime bird habitat and bird contact is what we are all about. Whether you are training a young pup or challenging an experienced brace, the combination of cover, bird contact and the surrounding beauty will satisfy all your senses. Loud cackling Ringnecks, strong and flashy, blasting off from under the nose of a tight Pointer, or a birdie Flusher bumping a skittish hen, is the experience you will not easily forget!

pheasant hunts pheasant preserve hunting pheasant preserve hunting
pheasant hunting Vermont pheasant hunts
Vermont pheasant hunts

Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding experience and we have the desire and ability to customize a hunt to your needs. We have spectacular fields and open cropland habitat which allows excellent visual reference for training a young pup, as well as secluded areas where distractions are minimal. We plant fields of grain sorghum (Milo), corn, perennial switch grass and reed canary grass. Crops and planting arrangements are planned in order to establish nesting cover, feed plots and challenging cover. Our natural and planted covers make for outstanding hunting the in the fall and hold up very well through the winter. We have fantastic hunting right into the month of May. Vermont bird hunting

You are welcome to hunt with your dogs, or we can arrange a professionally handled hunt with experienced guides working over trained pointers or flushing dogs.

Rooster flush
For those of you visiting Vermont who would like to hunt with us, single day hunting licenses are available for $5.00. To obtain a one day Vermont license, you must have a current hunting license from any state or you have had a previous hunting license. You also can get a license if you have completed a certified Hunter Safety course.

Whether you are a single hunter looking to train your new pup, or if you have a large group and need an all-day guided hunt, we can accommodate you. Please call anytime for further information, references or to book your hunt. Same day reservations are always welcome based on availability. Again, thanks for visiting our web site and please let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

Click on the links below for more information:

**Upland Hunting Rates and Reservations Information
**Safety, Hunting Regulations and Dog Handling Policies
**Pre Hunt Documents including Regulated Shooting Ground Registration and Risk Release Form


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